What I learned about Writing Content as a Preschool Teacher

Shreya Ghosh
3 min readAug 4, 2021

At the beginning of my career, I used to be a preschool teacher.

Although I spent only six months (I decided to change my career because teaching wasn’t really my call), I learned a great deal about writing content from there.

You may think, how come teaching a bunch of toddlers helps you become a good writer. Well, you are right, but there’s something to learn from everyone in this world, and this is not an exception.

Teaching preschoolers is entirely different from teaching high-school or med-school students. Pre-school students need special care and attention. You have to come up with engaging methods to teach them rhymes, alphabets, words, and everything.

The first few weeks were horrible for me as a teacher. I was nervous about handling kids. After one or two months, I learned some techniques or ways to manage my students. Now, these techniques or ways (whatever you say) were rewarding for me. I’ve learned a bit about myself and a lot about writing.

Importance of Observation

Teaching kids every day requires lots of observation skills. Each kid is unique; they have their own way to look at things. Their learning styles were different from each other. Some children were kinesthetic learners(learned best by using hand gestures, counting fingers, touching, etc.), some were auditory learners(learns faster by singing songs, music, rhymes). And some children absorb information more quickly with visuals like painting, illustrations, or photographs.

I had to observe their learning styles closely and develop creative ways to speak with them and teach them. As a writer, you have to be creative and observant to understand your reader’s personality. Understanding your audience’s persona will help you persuade them with your writing.

Importance of Storytelling

Be it a technical blog or a lifestyle; I’ve always used stories to engage my audience. I’ve read thousands of blogs and books on the importance of storytelling. But, I’ve learned about the true value of stories from those six months as a teacher.



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