Best Self Care Tips to Try at Home Today

Shreya Ghosh
4 min readApr 16, 2020


Staying at home for months sounds quite dull, right? But quarantine locked us at home for weeks now. You are focusing all your energy to balance your work-life and household responsibilities. Besides that, you have to manage your dating life and friends too. There’s a lot to take in!

And after personally spending weeks at home, trust me, I can get your struggles. Days will be harder now, some days might make you go nuts, and some days you feel overwhelmed with your busy schedule. And here comes the obvious, our negligence to self-care. Self-prioritizing is not selfish, cause it will reboot your mind, body, and soul.

Keeping that in mind, here I have made a list of best self-care tips you can start practicing right now. So, what are you waiting for? just dig in!

1. Lost Yourself in Books

Let’s face it, we all know books are the ultimate solution to escape from reality. A good book and a cup of hot coffee are the best combos to refresh your mind. If you feel low and distressed, I recommend you to read Ikigai. This beautiful book will teach you the secret to lead a happy life. If you are more of a mystery lover, then you must read the bestseller, The Silent Patient. This psychological thriller will offer you a lot of nail-biting moments amidst the boring lockdown.

2. Yoga to the Rescue

The power of exercise and yoga is not secret anymore. Instead of feeling wiped out the entire day, start your day by doing some yoga or mediation. If you can’t hit the gym, make your own gym at your home. Take out the yoga mat you have always been hiding in your closet. Plan a home workout routine and transform your body for the better. And, finally, don’t forget to click a workout selfie for your Insta!

3. Let Your Words fall Out

There’s nothing more alluring than the habit of writing. In this modern era, writing reflects your presence of mind, wittiness, and emotions. Keep a journal, diary, or blog, but make sure to write at least 40 minutes a day. In this crazy lockdown situation, this is one of the best ways to keep yourself sane.

You can write about your daily life or some random stuff right from your heart. Your words will be your only friend, you can count on any moment in your life.

4. Show Some Love to Your Hobbies

This is the best time to revive all the hobbies you left due to work-pressure. You may be good at singing, painting, dancing, or knitting, the bottom line is to invest time in doing stuff that used to make you feel happy once.

Paint-brush, needles, these are your weapons and use them to create some beautiful masterpiece. And do share your work on social media, cause you never know who you are motivating.

5. Take a Bubble Bath

Yes, you read it correctly! Taking a bubble bath in warm water is the best remedy to cheer up your mood. Had a hard day at the online conference? Then light up a candle, add some bubbles, put on a face mask, add essential oil to the shower or bathtub, and drain out all the negativity. You can play some soft music in the background to relax.

6. Binge Watch

Tell me a better combination than the smell of butter popcorn and movies! I know what are you thinking, it’s an irreplaceable combo, how can I even dare to ask! Well, you’re correct, nothing can beat watching your favorite web shows or movies back to back.

From the Irishman, Marriage Story, to Money Heist, and Game of Thrones, there are loads of options you can choose from Netflix and Amazon. So why are you waiting? Start searching for the top movie list now!

7. Cook a Meal for Yourself

You’ve been ignoring yourself for a long time, you must prioritize yourself first to feel empowered. Pamper yourself in all the possible ways you can think of.

You can cook delicious and healthy meals for yourself. Garnish the dish artistically, grab a chair, sit by the window, and enjoy the meal.

In this first paced world, the last thing we think about is our self-happiness. Once you’ll realize your worth, making yourself a priority won’t feel like an onerous duty.

What’s your take on self-care? Do you have some excellent tips for the women out there? If yes, then feel free to leave a comment.

Till then, Adiós!



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